New Home Blog Archives for September 2017

How To Separate Space In An Open Floor Plan

By Yanic Simard, Houzz

Open floor plans are highly sought after these days in all styles of homes, from modern condos to traditional houses. The multifunctionality and feeling of extra space with large, open rooms are powerful, but there can be a downside.

Large, open spaces can feel endless and unstructured, and...

The Lowdown On The 5 Most Popular Kitchen Flooring Materials

By Sam Ferris, Houzz

Not all kitchen floors are created equal. As much as we’d like every floor to have exceptional durability, a low price tag, superior longevity and sky-high resale value, it just isn’t realistic. If you’re planning to revamp your kitchen floors, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of hardwood,...

Your Complete Guide to Tile Terminology

By Janet Dunn, Houzz

Don’t know your terra cotta from your travertine, your bullnose from your bicottura? All trades have their jargon — a language that professionals understand but that can bewilder consumers — and the tile industry is no exception. Although buying tile doesn’t require a degree in...

Your Guide to Understanding What's Included in a Construction Contract

By Anne Higuera CGR CAPS, Houzz

It’s always important to know what you’re buying. When you buy something at a store, you get the hands-on experience of seeing its size and how it looks, feels and works. You leave the store knowing exactly what you’ve bought.

When you agree to pay for...