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A new townhome has the benefits of a new home with less maintenance and upkeep efforts. has extensive listings of new townhomes for sale or under construction from leading home builders. Our townhome listings allow you to view photos, home plans and all other property details. To find out more about a particular townhouse simply request a free brochure or contact the builder at the phone number provided on all townhome listings.

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New Townhome Communities

Townhomes is a kind of living, offering you the best of both the single home living as well as the condominium living. A townhome is attached with the other homes, but the land on which it sits is owned by the owner of the townhome. At this point, townhome is completely different from the condominium. Condominiums are often attached with each other, but the owner does not possess the land on which it is located.

Townhomes can have both single-storied as well as multi-storied structure, while sharing one side or both sides of the walls with other establishments. The townhome brings air of freshness with the greens it offers in forms of backyards or the walkway to the front door. In some townhomes, you will find backyard patios or balconies in the upstairs to make you feel the fragrance of spacious living.

Being in the community with other, the townhome owner does not have to take much responsibility, as they do not have much area outside the house. While the townhomes are attached with one another, the security here is much more than the single family homes. As a part of the townhomes, you can enjoy common amenities like swimming pools, gyms and tennis courts.

Townhomes cannot provide much privacy, which you can expect in the single family homes. As the townhomes share the walls with other, you do not have much freedom in decorating the exterior the way you want. Usually, there are also additional fees for landscaping and other community maintenance services.