There is no doubt that for the years, traditional homes are reigning the market of real estate. But there are exceptions as well. Notably in the recent times, the homebuyers as well as the sellers are being offered and are offering respectively, more and more options, and one of them is condo. Condo is the new age attraction for singles, newly married couples as well as retired couples. With the condominium, the buying power of a person increases, as condos cost less than the detached house of the same size.

In a real estate market that favored traditional homes for years, condos and lofts have now become the desired choice. Buyers are attracted to lofts and condos by the array of options, amenities and cost savings when compared to a traditional detached home. Access to amenities such as community pools, tennis courts, playgrounds, tennis courts, gyms and clubhouse facilities are among the attractive options given to condo buyers.

In buying a condo or loft, one thing to keep in mind is that you are also buying into the entire building of the condominium and your share of amenities. This results in great benefits in the buying of a condo as you do not have to pay for every repair or upkeep of the outside of the condo and facilities. When you buy a condo, these expenses are shared among other condo buyers in the same community. This is typically taken care of through your home owners association dues, also referred as HOA fees.

Condos and lofts may not be ideal option for everyone. As there may be some lack of privacy, people may opt for single family home ownership. But still many new home buyers prefer condos: it's better than an apartment but not as much maintenance as a single family home. But many buyers still place more importance on the luxury living, amenities, convenience and economic benefits that buying a new condo or loft can bring.