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Why You Need an Agent When Purchasing a Newly Built Home

There is a lot of advice out there for those looking to buy an existing home, but if you are looking for a newly constructed home, there are a different set of scenarios to consider. For example, you may have the ability to choose the exact doors, kitchen cabinets, sinks or even floor plan for your home. Considerations such as the builder’s style, the area surrounding the community, and timeline in which the house will be completed are all important in finding your next home. Finding the right real estate agent can help streamline the buying process and ensure you make the best decisions when purchasing a newly constructed home!

There is a misconception that working with a real estate agent is an expensive affair. However, sellers usually pay the agent’s commission, and thus working with a reputable agent will cost you nothing. Since there are no commissions associated with being represented by a real estate agent, many builders are always happy to work with agents as their fee is included in the price of the home. Agents who have spent time working with builders have more information about the area and the community, and hence will provide you with vital information you’ll want to know.

Finding a professional real estate agent when buying a newly built home will save you time, money and headache, plus help you decide which home is right for you. Professional real estate agents understand the real estate business and can make excellent recommendations. Such professionals will do the hard work for you and assist you throughout the process by making sure that you are satisfied.  

Once you’ve secured a buyer’s agent to find your next home, the work of buying a newly built home can begin. To make sure that you are committed to the deal, you will have to sign a contract indicating that you will not work with any other real estate agent for a particular period of time. Once this is done, it gives the agent confidence and time to do a great job for you. As a buyer, this gives you confidence that there is someone on the ground doing all the work for you. It will also save your wallet throughout the process!

Once an agent has assisted with everything from finding the right community to guiding you through the negotiation process, there are other critical parts of the buying process that can also benefit from having a buyer’s agent, such as securing a home loan. When you have an experienced realtor they often have trusted lenders that can offer fantastic rates and services. They can also provide guidance throughout the process if you decide to secure financing on your own. 

Choosing to use a buyer’s agent when purchasing your newly constructed home is not only a savvy move as a buyer, it also gives you peace of mind that a professional will guide you through the entire process. It also has the (most important!) benefit of being commission free to use as a buyer. 

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