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New Home Builder: Aarow Building

About Aarow Building

Durable. Beautiful. Efficient.

At Aarow Building we are committed to being the best custom home builder in Columbia. Through our focus on Passive House construction over the past few years, we have emerged as a regional leader in high-performance green building, bringing transformational energy performance and quality assured durability to our green projects. Even as our work transforms the way we approach “conventional” projects, we remain rooted in the craft-based remodeling and new building that we started with 35 years ago.

A company of carpenters, we construct buildings that sustain and delight by empowering employees, harnessing 21st-century building science, and advancing the traditions of craftsmanship.

Smart Building

From the initial concept and design of your custom energy efficient home to the construction of high-performance wall assemblies for a cutting-edge green building, our carpenters’ zeal for precision allows the shared vision of client and architect to be fully realized and well built.

Additions and Remodel

Aarow Building’s physics-based understanding of how buildings function has transformed the way we build. We apply the high-performance building expertise that enables us to construct incredibly-efficient Passive Houses to each remodeling or new construction project we undertake, making your home or commercial building comfortable, healthy, and durable.

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