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New Home Builder: American Custom Modular

About American Custom Modular

A History of Quality - American Custom Modular was founded by a group of partners with over 25 years of construction experience. Our parent company has worked on a number of nationally recognized projects including hospitals, arenas, supermarkets, hotels and casinos. You can rest assured that your home was built by experienced professionals using only quality building materials. Single Source Advantage - We sell, build, transport, set and finish every home ourselves. This is a very different business model than most of our competitors. Most modular home companies subcontract the setting and finishing of their homes to save overhead expenses. This may cut costs on their end but it leaves the success of the project in the hands of a third party. This also gives builders a way to break the promises of their home warranties by placing blame for any failures at the feet of the installers. Our Single Source Solution Includes: -Local Home Fabrication (Millville, NJ) -In State Hauling (Keeps Costs Down) -Homes Set by Our Own Teams (Not a 3rd Party) -Extended Warranty Protection (Fabrication-Installation) Warranty Protection - Many other modular home companies will only offer a fabrication warranty. This type of warranty only covers issues involved with the fabrication of the modular structure itself. It does not cover the transportation or setting of the home itself. If you have a claim against one of these companies they will usually try to place the blame back on the third-party company that set the house or vice versa. With American Custom Modular you are fully protected. Our warranty offers a one-year protection plan that extends through the manufacturer (ACM), the transportation company (ACM), the setter (ACM) and the Builder (ACM). Since we manage the entire process there is never any finger pointing or blame games. If you have a problem with the homes construction, fabrication or setting within the first year, we will make it right.
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