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New Home Builder: Ashlar Homes

About Ashlar Homes

Defined, ashlar means prepared stonework from any type of stone. Historically, ashlar blocks were often used in construction of old buildings and symbolized strength and progress. These classic elements of the past still offer a solid construction opportunity for any building today. At Ashlar Homes we believe some form of masonry – brick, stone, stucco or a combination of the three – is required for optimal strength and durability. We aim to build the strongest and most durable homes on the market so that we can deliver on a long lasting promise of quality to our customers. Whether you choose to build your home in one of the select neighborhoods where Ashlar Homes can be found or on a lot of your choice, quality of construction and customer service are guaranteed. We encourage you to visit a community or contact us for a tour of the product line. Come see what a home of great quality looks like. Discover the classic elements in a contemporary design. Your family is worth the investment of a strong and durable home by Ashlar Homes of Kansas City.​​

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