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New Home Builder: Ashton Woods Homes

About Ashton Woods Homes

We invite you to explore the many advantages of purchasing an outstanding Ashton Woods home. Our carefully chosen locations in prime areas are convenient to everything that is fundamental to your lifestyle. Our unwavering focus on building the most innovative homes and our commitment to homeowner satisfaction set us apart. From location, innovation, lifestyles and value, Ashton Woods delivers in style! Join the thousands of homeowners across the country who have become part of the Ashton Woods family. Wherever you choose to live, an Ashton Woods community is truly The Place You Wish To Be. Ashton Woods Homes understands that each one of our owners is an individual whose choices in life are defined by his or her unique tastes and personality. That's why we created The Studio by Ashton Woods. Once you've made your purchase, the fun begins! Throw away the cookie cutter, because The Studio by Ashton Woods invites you to personalize your new home - put your stamp on it - with the help of our expert in-house designers. Make selections from an almost unimaginable array of resources. Choose from among hundreds of carpets, tiles, floors, cabinets, light fixtures, countertops, built-ins and more. Experiment with color. Play with texture and style. Our designers can help you create a look for your home that's as individual as you are.
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