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About Catonsville Homes

WE LOOK AT LIFE A LITTLE DIFFERENTLY. To most home builders, you’re a customer. To the people of Catonsville Homes, you’re a new neighbor, someone we hope to know for a long, long time. That’s because we look at life (and building homes) differently. What’s important to us may sound old-fashioned—pride in our work, the highest quality of workmanship down to the smallest detail, keeping the promises we make, and a rare ability to listen to your dreams and help you create the home that brings them to life. That’s the commitment we make to you and you can count on us to keep it.

A STRONG COMMUNITY SHAPED THE WAY WE LIVE AND WORK. Our outlook on a better way to build homes and neighborhoods started with the experiences and lifelong friendship of the principals of Catonsville Homes, Rob Scranton and Frank Potepan. Rob and Frank grew up together in Catonsville. From Boy Scouts through their student days at the University of Maryland and even today, they were shaped by the strong sense of community they found in Catonsville. People cared about their neighbors and took pride in their homes and neighborhood. You can see that care and pride in every home we build. We’ve spent years bringing together a very skilled and committed team of building professionals. Our team is handpicked for the quality of work they do and their “do the best job and do it the first time” work ethic.

YOU’RE PART OF THE TEAM TOO. If you asked us what the most important skill we use in building your new home is, you’d get an answer you might not expect. It’s our ability to listen to your needs and dreams and use that insight to create the home you’ve built in your mind’s eye. Just because we build homes every day doesn’t mean that we forget this is one of the biggest and most exciting decisions you’ll ever make. We’re with you every step of the way, keeping you updated on the process of your new home, answering questions, sharing our expertise, doing whatever needs to be done to ensure that building your new home is an adventure, not a hassle. In fact, we’re even here for you after your home is completed.

QUALITY THAT WINS AWARDS AND BUILDS RELATIONSHIPS. Of course we’re proud of the many Homebuilders Association of Maryland Awards of Excellence our homes have won. But what means more to us are the positive words of the people who live in those homes and strong relationships we enjoy with them. You’ve put a lot of thought, time, and work in to get to the point where you’re ready to start building your new home. Now count on us to put the same care and effort into the process of creating your home.
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