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New Home Builder: Garman Homes

About Garman Homes

We started Garman Homes in 2007 – in those days a lot of people were asking, Why Garman? We built 12 houses our first year then spent the next few years learning how to grow and survive in the middle of a financial crisis – the nation’s and sometimes our own. They were humble beginnings but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Then or now.

From our very first day to this day, we commit to four things that make us different from any other builder. And not just so we can have an answer when someone asks, ‘Why Garman?’

We hire Rock Stars. From our employees to our trade partners to anyone and everyone in between, we prefer to work exclusively with people who have great attitudes. People who make the best of any circumstance – they find a way, they make you smile, they may even seem a little off but they have great energy. That’s a Rock Star. Life is too short to work with grumpy people.

It’s crazy and that’s why we like it. We give you an actual closing date at the time of contract. If we miss your date we give you $1,000 towards closing costs. We’ve missed a few [more than 5, less than 20]. It’s not about the money and it’s not about never missing one. It’s about the fact that everyone works better with a deadline. Even the crazy ones.

New homes have quirks just like old homes. After you move in, we come back to learn about the quirks. The plumber, the HVAC specialist, the electrician, the painter…they all come too and they inspect their own work and address any items you’ve discovered since moving day. It’s not a perfect system, nor are there such things as perfect houses. But we’re working on building them better all the time.

For every home we build, we donate back to our local community. Since 2007 through donations and participating in a Builder Blitz, we’ve donated nearly $100,000 to Durham Habitat for Humanity. As the 2015 Miracle Home builder we pledged $200,000 to the MIX101.5 Radiothon to benefit Duke Children’s Hospital & Health Center. Giving back allows us to work with intention, purpose, and gratitude.
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