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New Home Builder: John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods

About John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods

Founded in Atlanta, GA by John Wieland in 1970, John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods set out to be a different kind of homebuilding company. One focused on being special, not just big. One where constant innovation leads to unmatched excellence in new home design. Where thoughtful neighborhood planning and architecture with character combine into one-of-a-kind places to call home. One that would settle for nothing but the best in quality and have the confidence to stand behind it.

More than four decades later, the John Wieland name is synonymous with all of this and more. Now the Southeast’s leading builder of exceptional new homes and neighborhoods, John Wieland Homes and Neighborhoods continues to set new standards in meeting the evolving needs of today’s new home buyer. Masterful planning, innovative architectural design and the power to personalize are hallmarks of today’s new John Wieland home, as are industry-leading quality and the confidence of the exclusive Wieland 5 Year–20 Year Warranty.

Today, the John Wieland team continues its commitment to delivering the best for each and every new home buyer, guided by our company’s enduring core values, known as ep²ic: Excellence, Passion, Presentation, Integrity, Completeness

Excellence: We always give our best as we relentlessly reach for and achieve ever higher levels of quality, service and efficiency.
Passion: We work with an energy born of believing in what we do, giving more when less would do and doing whatever it takes to get the job done.
Presentation: We know that appearances do matter whether it’s our homes, our neighborhoods, our offices or ourselves. We never settle for less than the best, proving our pride and professionalism.
Integrity: We conduct our business and our lives by the yardsticks of honesty, fairness and respect and are totally committed to keeping promises.
Completeness: We finish what we start and we check and recheck the details along the way to ensure that quality exists because of us.
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