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New Home Builder: Kirkwood Builders

About Kirkwood Builders

Most builders boast about their extensive building resume. Some of them are second and third generation builders. A few of them were former project managers for national building companies. The others have been around the business as subcontractors or suppliers before building. This is definitely not the road Kirkwood Builders took.

Art and Teresa Kirkwood along with the finest subcontractors in the industry make up Kirkwood Builders. They met twenty-five years ago. Art was a student at Shaw University, Teresa at NC State. After graduation they worked in many different industries, none of them construction.

Teresa has always had a great eye for detail, and Art was the people person. In 2003 they founded Kirkwood Builders, Inc. with almost no construction experience. The company started with a simple philosophy; exceed all expectations.

That philosophy and hard work has won them great respect in the industry. They believe that not being from a building background gave them more of a homeowners view. This view has helped create great customer relationships. Art and Teresa try to make each house feel like a custom dream home, no matter what price range.
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