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New Home Builder: Landon Homes

About Landon Homes

Landon Homes is a locally owned and operated home builder serving Northeast Florida that is committed to a personal, hands-on approach to building homes. Co-Founders Dennis Ginder and Chester Stokes have more than 60 years of new home construction experience, and are proud to offer uniquely designed and masterfully crafted homes, with a diverse portfolio of floor plans and a commitment to quality. Staying with the passion and love for family that will define their company, they created Landon Homes, named after Ginder's son.

Our goal is to not only build an exceptional home, but also deliver a memorable homebuilding experience for our customers. Communication, honesty, integrity, a commitment to doing it right, and creating a relationship that extends beyond the home sale and closing are our top priorities when helping homeowners discover their dream home.

It is pretty easy to forget the significance to new homebuyers of pouring the slab or standing the walls of their home. What is just another day to those in the industry is a major event to the family who will ultimately call this house their home. At Landon Homes, we remember and keep that in perspective. Home is where your daughter takes her first steps, loses her first tooth, or your son learns to ride his bike on two wheels. Our team is very privileged to build the homes where these memories will take place.

So, our philosophy is simple?Do the right thing even when no one else is watching. If it is wrong, fix it. One size doesn?t fit all. Build the best home for the money. And most importantly, listen to our customers and do our best to build a great house while making the process a great experience. Once in their new home, homeowners can rest assured that we will stand behind our product long after the sale.

You can trust your Happiness in your next New Home to the team at Landon Homes.

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