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About Paxos Homes

Company President, George Paxos brings years of industry experience to every home his company builds. Entering the building business at 15 years old, George Paxos has had the fortunate opportunity to be involved in various aspects of the business throughout the years. Obtaining his real estate license at 19 years old, by 20 years, George owned and managed 30 apartment homes. Since then, he developed and constructed high-end custom single family homes in his backyard, the desirable Lehigh Valley. With proven business success, George branched into the hospitality industry, building several multi-million dollar restaurants, blue and Melt, best known for attention-to-detail and superb customer service. It is this range of experience on which Paxos Homes has built a solid foundation. Under George's direction, and in partnership with his daughter Sophia, Paxos Homes has raised the bar on high standards and sound customer service. Every home showcases fine craftsmanship and quality materials. A company-wide philosophy is that customer satisfaction is a true measure of success. The Paxos Homes team works diligently to exceed the needs and desires of each homebuyer - ensuring satisfaction at all times. This commitment to customers is earning Paxos Homes the respect and trust of its homebuyers.
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