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New Home Builder: Quality Built Homes, Inc.

About Quality Built Homes, Inc.

Since our beginning, Quality Built Homes, Inc. has strived to provide our customers with "peace of mind" by combining construction excellence with an outstanding sales experience.

After many years and over 2,500 homes completed, we have established close relationships with Southern Maryland's finance companies, title companies, building material suppliers and subcontractors to provide our customers with a home purchase that is complete, timely, and of uncommon value.

At Quality Built Homes we pride ourselves on customer service. Service begins from the time you meet our sales representative and continues as you live many years in your new home. Our service team constantly strives to exceed industry standards. We are continually evaluating our systems and staff to make sure your home buying experience is a pleasant one. This commitment to our customers will provide you with a "quality of life" through your home buying experience and for many years to come.

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