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New Home Builder: Raines Residential

About Raines Residential

Native to Georgia for over 5 generations, Raines Residential is a family run Home Building company with over 40 years of experience in both Cobb and Cherokee counties. We offer a mix of home styles that create eclectic streetscapes reminiscent of classic neighborhoods, and understand what families need out of their home. According to principal Ronnie Raines, "We want our homes to be charming. We want the homes to live exceptionally well. So we strive to give enduring classical value by taking great pride in designing and building houses that we would be proud to call home." Raines Residential is a Certified Professional Home Builder, Certified Green Professional, and a member of the National Association of Home Builders. Lee Raines is Vice President of Raines Residential, and like his father, has a passion for delivering well designed homes and has played an active role in the home building industry since his teen years. Along with having received his Bachelor's degree in Science and Design in the field of Housing and Community Development, Lee was also a founding member and played an active role in Arizona State's Housing and Development Coalition (HDC), the first of its kind launched in fall of 2005. Lee plans to lead Raines Residential well into the 21st century, implementing his ideas into our ever- evolving home designs.
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