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The largest city in North Carolina, Charlotte wins the heart of many with its beautiful blend of old southern charm and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Charlotte will be sure to keep your mind sharp with its broad spectrum of performing art centers, art galleries, and history and science museums. Along with the spectacular culture of this city comes an extensive variety of delicious food, most popular being the city's famous barbecue scene. If you are a craft beer buff, Charlotte has a growing selection of breweries and craft beer hot spots. 


The city hosts the Charlotte Motor Speedway, the Hendrick Motorsports Complex, and the NASCAR Hall of Fame, so prepare to buckle up for a good time! Aside from the city’s offerings, the location is convenient to the Blue Ridge Mountains and beautiful beaches, making vacation getaways a breeze. While there is an abundance of activities to do in Charlotte, the beautiful historic neighborhoods and spacious new homes provide an excellent place to kick back and relax. One of the fastest growing major cities in the United States, Charlotte is a city that any potential homebuyer should jump on fast!

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